Our Hunting Area.

Our area is comprised of 2 management units 602 & 604, with a sq. mile range of 450. Most of this land is across a large lake.

This is what truly separates us from everyone else. With a good road system to access our hidden hunting spots, but the assurance of little to no competition as we have built a barge to get us & you across the lake and into our territory. The result is a pristine wilderness area with extremely high game populations, no people, no buildings and no businesses. Just you, your friends and 450 square miles to enjoy.

For hunters with disabilities

Our outfitting area is very easy to get around in. It is well roaded and has lots of slash areas to glass and watch during hunting for moose, bears and wolves. Additionally we can trophy hunt while cruising in a boat on the big lake looking for moose and bear. Throughout our guide outfitter area we also have a large number of short well maintained trails to some lakes that are easy to walk.

In other cases, when choosing a hunting spot for an evening hunt you hunting guide leave somewhat earlier and take more time to get to get the trophy hunter to the evening hunting spot. The guided hunt is for you, at your pace and comfort level. Talk to the outfitter and hunting guide and let us know if you are comfortable with any hunting plan we provide you with!

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