Bear Season:

Bear Hunting begins as soon as the ice comes off the lake and the snow begins to melt. Which is the last 10 days of May until about the 2nd week in June. People always ask what is the best time, and it is not a simple answer. When the bears first come out of their dens they seek new green grass to get their system working. Once we get into June the bears will start to rut and get out looking for girl friends. We stop our hunt before the peak of the rut because the weather heats up, the bugs come out and the bears start to rub. We have never had a rubbed up bear yet and don’t want to start now. When we look at the numbers there is not a clear winner in regards to any particular trip.

Dates are Monday to Friday. First trip is on the 3rd Monday of May every year, with four hunts in total.

Moose Season:

 Moose hunting trips are done in the rut. We offer two hunts beginning on the 22nd of October for 8 days. Then trip #2 for an additional 8 days. These trips have a very high success rate as they are right in the peak of their rut.

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