We allow alcohol in camp. However, we have a ZERO tolerance to the consumption of Alcohol at any time during active hunting. This means if you have a beer for lunch that is the end of hunting for the day.

After your guided hunting is finished for the day and you are back in the outfitters camp feel free to have a beer or drink in hunt camp either with your dinner or around the camp fire. We request that hunter remember there are others in camp and excessive alcohol use is not acceptable.

Children Minimum Age

Young trophy hunters can hunt big game with a hunting guide in BC at 10 years of age as long as they have completed a hunter safety course. We will require a copy of their certificate to obtain license and tags on their behalf.

Wounding an Animal

Many big game outfitters in the hunting world consider a “drop of blood” equals a cancelled tag. More specifically, in BC big game hunting circles, a common thought process is: “a wounded un-recovered animal is a dead animal.” The hunting guide will make every attempt to recover a wounded black bear or moose including getting help from other staff in camp.

If the animal is not recovered, your hunting guide will, discuss with your hunting outfitter the circumstances of the wounding, and in conjunction with your hunting guide input, make a determination of the animal’s survival. If, it is decided the game animal will live the hunter with his hunting guide can usually continue big game hunting. If, on the other hand big game outfitter anticipates the game animal will die the hunting outfitter will determine if the hunt for that big game species has ended requiring the bear or moose hunter to cancel his species tag.

Traveling with a Loaded Gun

You cannot have a clip containing cartridges in a gun when you are in a vehicle while big game hunting in BC.
Canadian law considers a gun loaded if any of the following circumstances occur: 
    • Live cartridge in the chamber. 
    • Live cartridge(s) in the clip or magazine connected to the gun. 
    • Live round in a tube magazine
A loaded gun is considered a criminal offence and can result in a fine, confiscation of the firearm and a criminal prosecution.

Tagging Early

Your moose or black bear hunting trip is your holiday. You are welcome to stay for the remainder of your hunt and enjoy other activities provided by your hunting outfitter. You can fish, go for a boat ride with you hunting guide, hang out with the hunting outfitter or just relax. Frequently, the successful moose or black bear hunter can tag along with the hunting guides or hunting outfitter when they go out in the field to retrieve moose or black bears or other big game, to town with hunting guides to get supplies, take moose to the butcher or go look for photo opportunities for grizzly bears.

Aquiring Additional Tags

It is possible to get an extra black bear, moose or wolf tag once in camp but requires a person to go into town to do this. Additionally it can only be done during a week day as the government office that issues the tag for guided hunters is closed on weekends and statutory holidays. To cover of the costs of travel to town there will be a surcharge of $150.00 unless we can do it during a previously planned town run to restock hunt camp materials or get fuel.


British Columbia does not have specific weapon seasons except for a 2 week season prior to the start of firearms season for bow hunting. During general rifle season you can use rifle, black powder, bow or cross interchangeably while hunting.

Bow draw weight restrictions are as follows:

    • Crossbow: 150 lbs , broad head min. 7/8 in , bolt wt. 250 grains 
    • Compound Bow: 100 lbs, broad head, min. 7/8 in. wide bolt wt. 250 grains 
    • Longbow, Recurve, Compound: 40 lbs@ draw length, broad head, min 7/8 in. wide 



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