Weapon Checklist

Success in black bear hunting or Moose hunting depends on the guided hunter insuring his gun is accurate. Before your guided moose hunt or bear hunt check you the guns you plan to bring at a 100 yd range to insure it is spot on. Check all fittings to insure they are tight. Bring extra ammo suitable for the moose, bear or wolf you could encounter during your guided hunt in case you have to site in your gun on arrival. It never hurts when hunting black bears or Canadian moose to double check you gun for accuracy with your hunting guide before starting your big game hunt.

Your Gun / Our Gun

Most big game hunters bring their own gun. As hunting outfitters we recognize air travel with firearms can be difficult at times. Because of this we can make prior arrangements to provide a gun and ammunition of adequate calibers for the trophy animal hunted. These are quality and accurate.

Personal Gear

All bear and moose hunters should bring their personal gear, sleeping bag, towel and a pillow. Rain gear is recommended although seldom required. You should have waterproof boots and gloves. Hip waders are not required as hunting guides are equipped to retrieve any Canadian moose that a moose hunter kills in water during his guided hunting trip .If the moose hunter wants to assist the hunting guide in retrieving the moose or black bear, rubber boots can be useful. Temperatures during big game hunting for black bear or Canadian moose can vary between 25 -65+ degrees F.

As with all outfitter hunts, wind can be a factor during guided hunting of black bear or moose. To keep warm and minimize the wind effect during a guided hunt, employing a layered approach for clothing works best to keep the black bear hunter or moose hunter warm with clothing that wicks moisture away from the body and keeps you dry and breaks the wind. Moose Island Outfitters provide personal floatation device for all guests while traveling in a boat during any of the big game hunts.

Good binoculars are very useful. While you hunting guide is very good at spotting game, you are part of the outfitted hunt and can spot game along with your guide. All hunting guides carry a small day pack. All guided hunters on a guided bear or moose hunt should bring a small day pack of a type hunting outfitters recommend for you personal gear while hunting. Useful items for your backpack you bring for your outfitted hunt are flashlight or head lamp, knife, lighter, good quality gloves, hat/balaclava and anything you need for personal comfort during the course of your black bear or moose hunt. Remember, you have to carry the pack, so keep it as light as possible but meet your hunting needs. If you have glasses, bring an extra pair. Contacts, same thing along with required contact maintenance stuff. Obviously, it’s important to have the best vision during your moose or bear hunt.

A good hat or cap, sun glasses and sun screen is recommended and will keep you comfortable during your big game hunting trip.

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