Getting Your Trophy Home

There are a number of options for taking the meat from your trophy bear or moose home or alternately you can donate it to a charity in BC.

We will get your meat to the outfitters camp in quarters. Your hunting guide or the big game hunting outfitters staff will hang, skin, clean up and bag your trophy meat with butcher cloth. Weather is cool, between 28 - 35 degrees and the meat can hang until you go home.

As a successful big game hunter you can take the quarter’s home this way in your pickup truck or trailer. We recommend you bring a couple of pallets. Place a pallet on the tarp; place the meat on the pallet. Ice or dry ice can be placed under the pallet and the meat can be wrapped to prevent the cold air escaping. The ice will keep the meat cold. Additionally at this time of year, the temperatures are usually around 32 degrees so the meet will travel well.

Alternately, your hunting guide can de-bone your meat and you can take it home in a cooler with ice.

If temperatures are unseasonably warm, the outfitter will arrange take the quarters into town to a butcher. We can recommend a butcher we take our personal game to for processing.

You will get your meat back from the butcher packaged as per your instructions, frozen and placed in cardboard boxes. Placed together tightly on a pallet and covered with a sleeping bag and tarp, the meat will stay frozen during your return home. If you prefer, bring 3-4 large coolers per animal to take your processed meat home. You are not required to take all the meat from an animal you kill. You can take only the choice cuts and turn the balance over to the hunting outfitter for donation to a food bank. This may be a useful option if you are flying.

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